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The region

Monção & Melgaço sub-region belongs to the Vinho Verde Region, one of the oldest wine-growing regions of Portugal. This centennial region is located in the northwest of Portugal and due to the fact that it is inserted in a natural amphitheater, protected from north and south, east and west by cliffs and hills, has given unique skills to the production of alvarinho wine.

In 1989, due to Monção & Melgaço Terroir, the Alvarinho wine produced in this region was awarded with a Denomination of Origin. This Terroir is the result of a combination of human and natural factors, including the unique characteristics of morphology and chemical composition of the soil, associated with a secular experience to grow and produce Alvarinho. The dedication of the grape growers to this grape, Alvarinho become extremely well adapted to the region and is only here that it reveals its full
potential, producing wines that are distinguished by their aromatic richness, elegance
and complexity in flavor, as well as being a full body wine with relatively high alcohol
levels and balanced acidity.