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Alvarinho Monção & Melgaço and Queijo da Serra


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Alvarinho Monção & Melgaço and Queijo da Serra

PrintData Autor: Miguel Queimado


The next day April 21, 18h00, the Association of Producers and Melgaço Alvarinho Monção will perform a proof of Alvarinho and Queijo da Serra in the National Assembly.


It is often when it comes to matching wine and cheese, the imaginary culinary association to raise the red wine. However, due to the sensation caused by tannins and the junction of the salt content in cheese, this alignment is referred to by professionals in the sectors, food and wine matching as a less happy than the association with white wine, causing a bitter taste undesirable. It is from this finding that the APA and Melgaço Monção and the Municipalities of Guarda and Butters decided this magnificent matching Alvarinho Monção & Melgaço and Queijo da Serra in the National Assembly. These two products are presented as reference products in the sector of food and wines from Portugal, both sported Appellations of Origin to certify its authenticity. The rich aromatic Albariño Monção & Melgaço combines perfectly with the smoothness and creaminess of the cheese from Serra, and the slightly acidic flavor and fat cheese, is offset by the relative acidity of the Alvarinho Monção & Melgaço. This harmonization works perfectly, and the consumer can either take advantage of the unique features of these two products in question, that the wonderful experience that provides the harmonization of these two flavors of two regions of excellence of our country. The proof will be gastronomic held on April 21, 18h00, at the Restaurant of New Building of the National Assembly and will be attended by the Honourable Members of RA, as well as state officials and institutions linked to the sector. Will find themselves in the various references to evidence of monovarietal Alvarinho Monção & Melgaço, including sparkling Albariño has been so successful in domestic and foreign markets.