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Alvarinho excluded from the labeling of Table Wine



Alvarinho excluded from the labeling of Table Wine

PrintData Autor: Miguel Queimado


Fruit of the umbilical relationship Alvarinho and sub-region and Monção Melgaço, the ordinance regulating the labeling of wines without Designation of Origin and Geographical Indication without Alvarinho exclude the statement of the same, thus avoiding confusion for consumers .


As a result of the amendment of legislation governing the organization of the Common Market which provides an indication of grape variety and vintage on wines without a designation of origin (DO) and Geographical Indications (GIs), the Ministry of Agriculture today announced the Ordinance no199 / 2010 which regulates the labeling of such products in Portugal. Unquestionably the reputation of the sub-region and Monção Melgaço monovarietal of the production of Albariño, a result of Terroir, an adaptation of the region and caste a secular experience the same in the production of Albariño wine. This region is internationally recognized as a region of excellence for the production of alv g flour. T endo consciousness of consumers being confused with monovarietal Alvarinho of poorer quality, the Association of Producers and Melgaço Alvarinho Monção, Monção and the Municipalities and Melgaço CVRVV initiated contacts with the government since September 2009. The legislation provides that if a variety has a close connection to a DO, and there was possibility of confusion for consumers' perceptions of product origin, it could be ruled out by EU member country. While being clear that the municipalities and Monção Melgaço depend, in agri-industrial culture essentially Alvarinho and marketing of the wine, currently an exclusive carrier of a Denomination of Origin. (Registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property with no17314 of May 31, 1989), the decree is published today excludes Alvarinho of labeling wines with DO, and without GI. According to the President of the APA and Melgaço Monção "This exclusion was another step in defending a product of excellence, a national product quality recognized by the market, internal and external.." Caldas José Aleixo said that "if the Alvarinho were not excluded from this ordinance would run the risk of turning this product with high added value, a commodity, trivialize it, creating confusion for consumers and ultimately the destruction of an entire regional economy that Albariño has as its backbone. "