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Associação de Produtores de Vinho Alvarinho

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Our Values

The availability

For the causes of the organization. Availability is total for the objectives of the organization and to the members satisfaction of APA Monção e Melgaço.

The competence and rigor

In the proceedings of the day-to-day. Not only do, but do with quality and efficiency.

The Equity

In relation to the members. All members are equal to APA Monção e Melgaço.

The Ethics

The day-to-day. Meet the highest ethical standards in all our actions.


In Alvarinho. Innovation, alongside R & D is one of the most important factors of progress, modernization and competitiveness.

Social Responsibility

Which means the exercise of responsible corporate citizenship, both in respect of environmental policies, both in support for the company. The promotion of moderation and responsible consumption of alcohol is taken by the APA Monção e Melgaço as one of its corporate goals.