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The Grape

The Alvarinho is a white grape variety native to the sub-region of Monsoon &
Melgaço. It is moderately vigorous but very rustic, with a high fertility rate, has often 3
inflorescences by launching, resulting in very small bunches, winged and moderately
compact, making it a very productive variety. This feature is covered in the statutes of
the region, which sets a maximum yield per hectare than the other varieties. This variety
requires dry surfaces to enhance the quality of wine produced from it, and a variety
early in the maturation and ripening. It is very rich in sugars and has a reasonable
content of organic acids.

The Wine

The Alvarinho wine from Monção & Melgaço distinguished by its aromatic richness,
elegance and complexity in flavor, it is a wine full-bodied with relatively high alcohol
levels and balanced acidity. Alvarinho wine is characterized by vibrant color display,
straw with pale citrus aroma, distinctive, delicate and complex, ranging from the quince,
peach, banana, lemon, passion fruit and lychee, the orange tree flower and violet
hazelnut and walnut and honey, and the complex flavor, soft, round, smooth, full-bodied
and persistent.

Consumption suggestions

Alvarinho wine is a wine of full body suitable for various occasions. It is an excellent
wine for different parings with food, since the paring with fish dishes, seafood, salads,
meats, poultry, cheeses and oriental cuisine, without forgetting our traditional cuisine.

But the consumption of Alvarinho is not limited to association with the food. Alvarinho
wine is perfect for several times throughout the day as a moment of relaxation after a
day's work, moments of fun with a group of friends or celebrate a special occasion with
a Alvarinho sparkling wine.


The glass

The proper choice of where to consume Alvarinho wine is central to the moment of
consumption becomes an emotional experience unparalleled. The winemakers of
companies in the region after a careful analysis defined the ideal glass for consumption

If you do not have the opportunity to consume the official alvarinho glass, choose to
consume a glass with some capacity to allow any contact with air, so you can discover
the rich aroma that characterizes the Alvarinho wine.

If you enjoy a fabulous sparkling alvarinho choose a glass Flûte type, indicated for the
consumption of sparkling wine.

The temperature

The correct temperature is critical to take advantage of the aromatic characteristics of

alvarinho variety. We recommended temperature between 10 and 12 degrees.

If the wine is at room temperature after placing in a frappé with water and ice will have
to wait 15 to 20 minutes, and find wine will be at the optimum temperature for a unique
experience. If the wine is in the refrigerator, it will be too cold and to wait a few minutes
so that the wine becomes the ideal temperature for drinking. Otherwise, the wine could
be "closed" and will not take advantage of the wonderful aromas of this grape variety.